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  • Article: Mar 8, 2020

    Shropshire Liberal Democrats started their campaign for the 2021 Shropshire Council Elections with an event held at the Shakespeare Inn, Bridgnorth. The event was combined with a visit from Christine Jardine MP, the Liberal Democrats' Home Affairs Spokesperson (and potential candidate for leader of the party).

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    Article: Mar 2, 2020

    Potholes Black Spot Creates Huge Pile of Car Debris

    The Council's roads maintenance programme is in 'meltdown' That is the message coming from Shropshire Councillor Heather Kidd after witnessing the massive pile of broken wheels, springs and shredded hires at just one garage in the Hope Valley.

    Heather said 'I was asked by one garage owner ( Llewelyn Motors) the other day to view the pile of broken wheels, car springs and shredded tyres that he has collected over the last few weeks from cars incurring damage on the pothole scarred A488 along the Hope Valley. It has to be seen to be believed. In one period recently 5 cars were take out in one day with damage to their wheels and suspension.

    "The main culprits are a number of deep potholes around the More Arms. I have reported these repeatedly and they have still not been fixed. What is particularly dangerous about these is that they are being covered by water running off the surrounding fields and you only see them at the last minute.

    "On Monday 24th I reported them again and the Highways Department ordered a '24 hour repair'. On Friday 28th I checked and two lorries from the contractors, KIER, were parked on the road (not near the holes)with their crews asleep in the cab. I rang the highways department immediately. However, by Saturday they had still not been done.

    "The whole system is in meltdown and KIER are not delivering an effective service for Shropshire residents and its high time that Shropshire Councils brings the service back 'In House' so that it can be effectively managed like other Councils have done.

    "On a more immediate note I would like to ask what the consultant hired by Shropshire Council at a cost of £1,000 a day is doing? He has been in post for some time now and we are seeing precious few results.

    "Lastly I would like to thank the garage owners Al and Ben Llewelyn for the work they are doing. They are earning virtually no money for rescuing the victims of these potholes and are doing it more as a public service."

    Notes :

    1. there are similar potholes on the B4386 and A490 - also unfilled for a while.

    2.House of Lords decision in Gorringe v Calderdale MBC [2004] 2 All ER 326:

    · if a highway authority is in breach of its duty under HiA 1980, s 41(1) (as amended in 2003), it can be sued if damage is thereby caused

    · if it is to escape liability, it must bring itself within the HiA 1980, s 58 defence, ie the authority took all reasonable care having regard to usage etc

    · in addition, a highway authority may be liable at common law for damage attributable to dangers that it has introduced, or, in the case of dangers introduced by some third party, dangers that it has unreasonably failed to abate

    · members of the public who drive cars on the highways of this country are entitled to expect that they will be kept properly in repair; they are entitled to complain if damage is caused by some obstruction or condition of the road or its surroundings that constitutes a public nuisance and they are entitled to complain if they suffer damage by the negligence of some other user of the highway

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    Article: Feb 26, 2020

    Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats came to Shropshire yesterday (25th Feb 2020) to see the impact of the flooding.

    He spoke to local businesses, residents and workmen battling the flood. All mentioned help from the Environment Agency but precious little from Tory run Shropshire Council.

    Mr Davey stressed that the current flooding problems needed addressing in its entirety - considering the whole catchment area and the possibility of enhancing water storage upstream.

  • Article: Feb 25, 2020

    Following shock sacking - Liberal Democrats demand answers.

    Shropshire Liberal Democrats are demanding to know the reason why Shropshire's Chief Executive was sacked now. This in the middle of the greatest crisis that the county has faced for a number of years. This is totally the wrong time to be without a Chief Executive.

  • Article: Feb 25, 2020

    Liberal Democrat Councillors in South West Shropshire are becoming increasingly concerned about the dire condition of the roads in their area.

    On Wednesday (26/2/20) Councillors Heather Kidd, Nigel Hartin and Ruth Houghton will be sharing their concerns yet againwith Highways Managers from Shropshire Council.

  • CC
    Article: Jan 21, 2020

    People and organisations are at last getting on with tackling the climate emergency. But there is still more talk than action. Too much talking up achievements rather than recognition that we have barely begun tackle the problem. There is a lack of commitment to early dates for going carbon neutral. A few organisations are talking about going carbon negative. Shropshire has been in the slow lane but that is changing. We need to push the pace of that change.

  • HK
    Article: Dec 17, 2019

    I would like to give my sincere thanks to everyone to voted for me in Thursday's general election.

    I have always I tried to campaign on those issues that matter to us in Shropshire - our local services, our hospitals and the threats to our rural economy

    As usual with our electoral system the Liberal Democrats got a million and a quarter more votes and had one seat fewer to show for it! However, in Ludlow constituency we significantly outperformed the national swing and clearly eclipsing the Labour party.

    Article: Dec 3, 2019

    Every child deserves the best start in life.

    That's why children's charities have asked every party leader how their policies will help children and generations to come.

    Here are five things the Liberal Democrats will do to build a brighter future for every young person:

    1. Stop Brexit

    Brexit is a disaster for our young people. It limits our ambitions and our horizons.

  • Nigel Clun
    Article: Nov 16, 2019

    Nigel Hartin, Shropshire Councillor for Clun Division, has hit out at Shropshire Council after it failed to clear a blocked gully outside Bucknell School leaving it surrounded by floodwater for the second time in a month!

    Nigel said " Today Bucknell school closed for a second day. It was an avoidable closure if only Shropshire Council had listened to the request I made following the severe rain a fortnight ago to get the blocked gullies around the school cleared.

  • Heather
    Article: Nov 15, 2019

    A Councillor has lodged a strong complaint to Shropshire Council after their contractors set up traffic lights on the near Stockton on the Welsh border only to disappear and do no further work!

    Heather Kidd, Shropshire Councillor for the area, said: "Traffic lights were put in a month ago as large pothole and edge of road deemed unsafe. The work was deemed urgent. Since then nothing has been done to put this right.