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  • Article: Mar 14, 2017

    Commenting the recent announcement in the budget over broadband and 5G investment, Cllr Heather Kidd, LGA Lib Dem Spokesperson on rural issues, said:

    "Many people, especially in more rural areas, still struggle to access fast enough broadband. And getting 4G or even 3G technology can be a challenge. Councils must work with mobile operators to improve the coverage they provide to local businesses and residents. The LGA has also called on Ofcom to provide more accurate local coverage reports that reflect people's experiences on the ground and provide a better picture of the coverage they will receive.

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    Article: Mar 14, 2017

    Shropshire Councillor Heather Kidd has welcomed the final erection of brown tourist signs around her home village of Chirbury over a year after they were ordered and 4 months after she found them mouldering at the back of a council depot.

    Heather said: "Chirbury is quite a historic village and we have been looking forward to these signs going up for quite a while."

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    Article: Mar 11, 2017

    Shropshire Liberal Democrats were prominent on the 'March for Education' in Shrewsbury on Saturday (11th March)

    Susan Lockwood from Rea Valley Lib Dems said: ' Education faces the biggest cuts in a generation. It is estimated that 98.5% of schools will be significantly worse off by 2020. They will be approximately £3 billion pounds worse off. On average, a child in Shropshire will have just under £400 a year spent on their education in real terms.

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    Article: Mar 11, 2017

    Two Shropshire Councillors have castigated Shropshire's IT after a Microsoft failure on Wednesday /Thursday left them with e-mail or internet communication and is still an issue today(Friday). This comes after multiple failures over several months left residents unable to communicate their councillors for weeks at a time.

    Councillor Heather Kidd (Chirbury and Worthen) said: "The final straw for me was last Thursday was when my ipad crashed for the umpteenth time. It seems this time it was system wide not just individual pieces of equipment."

    The problems are threefold:

    i) Old equipment being supplied by Shropshire Council.

    ii) Reoccurring faults with software.

    iii) Repeated failures of computer servers especially at weekends.

    Heather continued: "What many in the Council don't seem to understand is that access to e-mails and IT is now critical for Councillors, especially in rural areas, to do their work. It is the main medium by which residents make complaints to us, these days on a whole range of topics ranging from holes in the road to adult social care.

    " There has been no communication with Councillors to explain the fault or how we could access the system another way. A simple phone call from the Members Secretary or a list of private emails would quickly identify the problem and stop 74 of us phoning the IT department who are rushed off their feet."

    Cllr Richard Huffer (Clee Division) added: "The situation is quite dire. I was without an e-mail for almost a fortnight recently and I've had to take my IPAD back since then to get is fixed again! If you were to buy a similar tablet from a shop you wouldn't have a fraction of the problems. Underinvestment in basic IT by Shropshire Council.

    Both Councillors are making strong representations to Clive Wright, CEO of Shropshire Council.

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    Article: Jan 30, 2017


    Nigel Hartin, Shropshire Councillor for Clun Division, has branded the Council's latest consultation on the future of the County's bus services as 'loaded' following numerous complaints from residents.

    Nigel said "In rural areas like ours the provision of a bus network is critical to maintaining healthy communities. The young, elderly and disabled in particular rely on buses to get them around for education, shopping, visits to doctors etc. Unfortunately we have seen these services cut back over the last few years as subsidies from the Council are withdrawn.

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    Article: Jan 30, 2017

    Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow South, Vivienne Parry, has made a plea for hard up pensioners across the County to use food banks when the going gets tough.

    Vivienne said: "I'm coming across an increasing number of elderly residents in my ward that are suffering unnecessarily this winter mainly through an unwillingness to take advantage of the help that is on offer. Many of the basic state pension are facing the old dilemma of keeping warm or eating - they can't afford to do both.

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    Article: Jan 30, 2017

    Residents in the Hope Valley have reacted angrily to the restrictions put on an alleged 'consultation' on the speed limit on the A488 along the Hope Valley

    Heather Kidd Shropshire Councillor for Chirbury and Worthen, said: "I have been approached by a number of residents in the Hope area who are very annoyed about the blinkered way that Shropshire Council have handled this so called consultation.

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    Article: Jan 23, 2017

    A Shropshire Councillor has hit out at the time it has taken for agencies charged with the welfare of the public and the environment to remove a single dead sheep from a watercourse near a Shropshire village.

    Heather Kidd Shropshire Councillor for Chirbury and Worthen, sais:
    " A resident reported this sheep dead in the Rae brook near the village of Worthen on 6th January. It was near a public right of way and polluting the watercourse. I (and she )spent the next 17 days arguing with DEFRA, the Environment Agency and two departments of Shropshire Council about whether is should be removed or not. In the end I got the animal removed by appealing directly to the landowner .

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    Article: Jan 15, 2017

    A Shropshire Councillor is urging the Council and police to take more rigorous action to curb speeding on the notorious A488 through the Hope Valley, a road that has seen a spate of accidents over the past few years..

    Heather Kidd (Chirbury and Worthen) says: "for a number of years many people, including myself, have been pushing Shropshire Council to introduce a speed limit down the Hope Valley. Now they are consulting on introducing a 50 mph limit and then on only on the stretch between Minsterley and the riding stable in Hope. "We have had so many accidents and near misses on this entire stretch of road that I am shocked at the plans. We really need for a 40mph limit to be introduced for the whole stretch of the valley as far up as the Hemford Crossroads. This road alternates straight stretches with tortuous bens through woodland. Not only is visibility poor but it is also prone to ice in winter

  • Article: Jan 8, 2017

    Shropshire Council has spent £18.593 compensating motorists for damage caused by potholes over the last few years, figures release this week revealed.

    Heather Kidd Shropshire Councillor for Chirbury and Worthen, said:
    "This is a lose-lose situation for everyone, whether they are motorists, councils or taxpayers. People already have to fork out so much to drive a car, the least they should expect is that their vehicle doesn't get ruined by a bumpy road