October 11, 2020 1:19 PM

Councilors in the West of the County have revamped their community e-bulletin in response to a second wave of infections hitting the County

Cllr Heather Kidd said: "In March with the full lockdown we began sending out E-Bulletins with useful advice and updates on COVID regulations, help available in the community and a whole host of other items. These were sent out around every 10 days on email and on Facebook. They were well-read, and feedback was good. Paper versions were available in some shops."

Now with a significant increase in infections in the CountyCllrs Ruth Houghton (Bishop's Castle, Nigel Hartin (Clun) and Heather Kidd (Chirbury and Worthen) are going to redouble their efforts to enhance the coverage of their bulletin throughout their communities.

Ruth Houghton said: "The reason why the bulletin has been so successful is that it provides relevant, up to date information targeted at our own rural area, something that pronouncements from Government and County-wide .agencies frequently fail to do. Information on local sources of help such as food banks and support for the vulnerable has been particularly valued."

Nigel Hartin concluded: "Starting with our 12th edition we will be concentrating on how the rapidly changing situation will be affecting our Country area along the border. If anyone would like to be added to our distribution list then drop us a line or give us a call on any of our emails/phone numbers listed on the Shropshire Council website."