Anger Over Footpath Delay on Clee 'A 'Road

October 12, 2020 11:22 AM
Anger Over Footpath Delay on Clee 'A 'Road
Richard Huffer, Shropshire Councillor, for Clee Division is to redouble efforts to get the footpath running along the busy A4117 on Clee Hill repaired and cleared after a spate of complaints from residents.

Richard said "We have a very busy, fast road running across Clee Hill with a great deal of traffic passing daily between Ludlow and Kidderminster. This footpath runs out of Clee Village for about half a mile in the direction of Ludlow and is well used by residents. Unfortunately over the years, the surface of the footpath has deteriorated and some of the hedges have started to obstruct the path. The Parish Clerk and I have been trying to get Shropshire Council and some of the adjacent landowners to correct these faults without success.

"Now the state of this path is so bad that parents with pushchairs cant use stretches of it and have to take their lives into their hands stepping out into the traffic.
"Three years of inaction by Shropshire Council is far too long. We need some action soon before someone is seriously hurt.

Working with Cayhmam Parish Council, Richard will be asking Shropshire Council to invest money from the Government extra COVID funding to undertake the repair. He is also working with the Parish Clerk to get the hedge owners to cut back the e .xcess growth.