January 9, 2021 1:37 PM

Vivienne Parry, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow South, has called on the Connexus Housing Association to up its game after a several complaints of overdue repairs in Ludlow.

Vivienne said: "I was contacted by a young mum recently by Nicola Paton who is a Connexus tenant. She has a dripping leek over a bay window in her lounge, causing a considerable amount of black mould and damp on the walls and then her boiler failed in November, leaving her with no heating or running hot water in her taps for a month!. She has had to endure damp, black mould, cold and poor electrics for well over a year with a young baby in the house (now 9 months old). After escalating the complaint she has now had a new boiler and damp sealant put on the walls. But the roof is still leaking!

"When she put this on Facebook it provoked a response from many other residents across town in the same boat.

"I understand that Connexus had to take repairs back 'in house' recently as their previous contractors were not up to the job. It's clear that Connexus are still seriously letting down their tenants with an inadequate response to pressing repairs. I feel they are letting people down who are paying good money in rent and not getting a very good service in return. With the cold weather coming on this is no joke.

Nicola added; 'I thought choosing to live in a Housing association house would be a sound option for myself and my family. Fair rent, the landlord having a responsibility of care to the upkeep of your property and a direct connection to a housing officer. After trying to reach mine for over two months, I was starting to give up. Eventually she contacted by complete chance on a matter of rent payments - and that mine was going up! Laughable really!"

Vivienne has contacted the Association without result and she is now going to take matters to Richard Woolley, The Chief Executive of Connexus