January 25, 2021 6:24 PM

Vivienne Parry, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow South, has strongly criticised Shropshire for repeatedly failing to take action on a flooding blackspot adjacent to the A49.

Vivienne said: "I have been urging the Council for months to take action on this problem. There is a gap in a critical drain leading to repeated flooding. It poses to hazard to motorists as well as those using (in normal times) the Travel Lodge, coffee bar, and the new petrol station."

The problem is on the B4362 near the entrance to the Travel Lodge c 100m from the junction with the A49

Vivienne concluded: " After a lot of pressure from myself and residents, Shropshire Council promised to take urgent action last October. Unfortunately, the job was canceled on the first day. I was told that the metal top to the drainage pipe could not be found except with a metal detector which the contractors didn't have. Apparently, nothing has happened since.

"This latest round of flooding has caused further damage to the road surface and some to the new petrol station. In addition, there is a great deal of mud over the road".

"The really disturbing thing is that we are seeing a disturbing pattern of Council inaction across Shropshire with failure to act seriously impacting on residents lives. Take for example the shop in Bucknell had to shut the other month after Shropshire Council repeatedly failed to clear a drain.

"Extreme weather events are now becoming the norm and Shropshire Council needs to have an effective strategy to deal with it."

.Cllr Vivienne is speaking to the Council about urgently addressing this problem.